Weddings at Soon Come Villa

Look no further – your concerns and fears will be allayed when you come to Soon Come Villa for the prettiest and most picturesque wedding events.

We take care of everything just like it was our own.

Enjoy your wedding ceremony by the gazebo or wherever you choose; get refreshed during the cocktail hour by the pool side or the grand lawn; take as many pictures as possible by the scenic gardens and, bask by the poolside or on the grand lawn under the magnificent sky and beautiful stars for your reception and the after party.

Your bridal party doesn’t have to get flustered or be late for the event as they are afforded the privacy of the rooms at Soon Come Villa in air conditioned rooms as they get dressed.

And after it’s all done – we do not send you the bride and groom home until the next day as we reserve a room especially for you, your first night together as man and wife.

Schedule a visit today, we will take care of your every concern as we make your event relaxing and as stress free as possible.

    Wedding ceremony by the gazebo

    • Chairs & chair covers (white)

    • Lectern 

    • PA system

    Cocktails on the Grand Lawn or by the poolside

    • Bistro tables and covers 

    • Ottomans

    • Comfy lawn furniture

    Pictures on the Premises

    • Moon Gate / Flower wheel

    • Lovers swing

    • Vintage decorative bike 

    • Photo booth

    • Lovers chair

    • Gardens

    Reception by the poolside or the Grand Lawn

    • Chairs and chair covers (white)

    • Tables and table cloths (white)

    • Head table rose table cloths (white)

    • Lace table cloth for cake table (white)

    • Lectern

    • PA system

    • Music & DJ

    Cocktails – passed service

    • Vegetable soup seasoned with local herbs & spices

    • Stamp and go / salt fish fritters 

    • Callaloo quiche

    • Ackee puffs

    • Fruit kebabs

    • Meat kebabs (additional cost)

    • Fruit punch

    • Water

    • Music & DJ

    Dinner – Buffet for general guests / bridal party served

    • Curried goat

    • Pineapple fish/ sweet chilli fish

    • Honey glazed baked chicken / oven jerk chicken
    • Roast pork (optional)

    • Rice and peas seasoned with Jamaican herbs & scotch bonnet pepper

    • Breadfruit salad or potato salad

    • Garden salad

    • Fresh vegetables

    • Fruit punch / sorrel/ pineapple juice / water


    • Sweet potato pudding 

    • Vanilla ice-cream (optional)

    Soon Come Villa | Made in ST. ANN